Legal Subject: Lordship

Case Date Legal Subject Abstract
Dundas v. Duncan 1802 Lordship, Decree of adjudication, Possession, Prescription right Dundas continued the case as assignee of Miss Helen Bucknay who initially brought the petition. Ms. Bucknay asked the Court to declare that she (now Dundas) has the only good and undoubted right and title to some houses situated in the burgh of Linlithgow over the defendant (Jean Duncan). Therefore he should cede his possession of these subjects. Defendant submitted and explained the title and deeds of the premises, such as a decree of adjudication and bond granted by the prior landlord who transferred the ownership to him and his family, in payment and in satisfaction of a debt.
Kibble v. Ross 4 Dec 1804 Lordship, Succession, Register of Sasines (Deeds) After the death of Mr. Robert Corse, disputes arose regarding his succession. One of the disputes was over the property rights of some lands of Eastern Greenland that he had supposedly granted to his wife Elizabeth Ross (Defendant). Mr. Kibble, as the pursuer, questioned the title (life-rent-investment) that conferred the right to Mrs. Ross. He argued that it was null and void because it lacked the required formalities to constitute such right. After the proceedings, the Lords found the life-rent-investment over the lands of Greenland to be valid and effectual.