Legal Subject: Title Dispute

Case Date Legal Subject Abstract
Boyd Porterfield of Porterfield v. Joanna, Margaret, and Lilias Porterfields 6 Dec 1771 Land, Title Dispute Boyd Porterfield, the pursuer, claimed that he was entitled to the lands of the Porterfield family in Hapland following the death of his cousin, Gabriel. Boyd was the grandson and heir of Alexander Porterfield, who, in turn, was a cousin of Gabriel Porterfield. In 1716, Gabriel granted a bond of tailzie to Alexander. Boyd claimed that he was entitled to the lands based on the tailzie. Gabriel's three daughters, Joanna, Margaret, and Lilias, along with their husbands, challenged Boyd's claim to the lands and sought to control their father's estate.
Clark v. Macgill 1774 Res judicata, Title Dispute This case was about the disputed ownership of a small piece of property on Jeffry's Close, Glasgow. In 1763, before pursuer Peter Clark purchased his property on the close, defender James Macgill petitioned the dean of guild for a warrant to enclose the disputed area. James Herbertson, Clark’s predecessor, failed to mount a challenge. However, by the time Macgill was ready to start work on the project, Clark had purchased Herbertson’s former property, which he understood to include the area proposed for enclosure. Clark complained to the dean of guild that the enclosure would be an encroachment. The dean-of-guild court ruled for Macgill, finding that the matter had been decided in the earlier proceeding, and Clark sought review. Case documents name numerous property owners and tenants in The Bridgegate (or Goosedubs) area of Glasgow.
Robert Alexander v. Charles Dalrymple 1774 Title Dispute Based on titles to the lands of Boghall and Dalmelling, Robert Alexander of Blackhouse sought to be enrolled as a freeholder in the county of Ayr. Charles Dalrymple of Orangefield objected to Alexander's enrollment on the ground that Dalrymple's family held prior titles to the claimed lands. The Court of Freeholders dismissed Alexander's claim, and he appealed to the Court of Session.