Legal Subject: Landlord & Tenant

Case Date Legal Subject Abstract
Forsyth v. Paterson 1780 Landlord & Tenant, Jus Crediti Robert Forsyth rented two properties, Bellfield and Wormerlaw, from Sir John Paterson of Eccles. Robert possessed Bellfield by himself, but he rented Wormerlaw jointly with his father, George Forsyth, who resided on the property. The rents of Wormerlaw fell into arrears, and Paterson demanded payment from Robert. In the course of this dispute, believing that Paterson had improperly failed to credit a certain sum to the account of Wormerlaw, Robert withheld rent for his own farm of Bellfield. However, Paterson claimed that even if the facts were as Robert claimed, they provided no defense to a claim for the rent of Bellfield. The parties also contested whether Robert had produced sufficient evidence to support his claim.
Gordon v. Kissock 1785 Landlord & Tenant Robert Gordon, the proprietor of Threave Grange, and John Kissock, a tacksman there, agreed that Kissock would renounce his existing tack and accept a new, smaller tack. The parties later negotiated for Kissock to renounce the substitute tack. They entered into arbitration concerning the price at which he would do so, and a decree arbitral was pronounced. After Gordon refused to turn over the amount established by the decree, Kissock charged him for payment. Gordon applied for a suspension, arguing that the charge should be offset by certain claims he made against Kissock.