Archibald Cockburn, Esq., of Cockpen
Baron Cockburn
Biographical Notes
Advocate, 1762. Son of Archibald Cockburn and Martha Dundas; 1768 m. Janet Rannie; father of Lord Cockburn; ruined by the failure of the Ayr Bank; Sheriff of Midlothian 27 Nov 1765-1790; Judge of Admiralty 1782; Baron of Exchequer 29 May 1790-1809.
Life Dates
1736 - 1820

Associated Cases

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Case Role Date
Cockburn v. Partners of Douglas, Heron & Co Defender 1780
Cunninghams v. Alexander Cunningham Named in case documents 1778
Watson v. Stewart Named in case documents 1780
Wilson and Scott v. Alexander Named in case documents 1779