Legal Subject: Trades

Case Date Legal Subject Abstract
Incorporation of Hammermen &c. v. Incorporations of Weaver &c. 1776 Trades This case was about the governance of the Glasgow trades house, an umbrella group comprising representatives of the various trades. These representatives included the deacon of each trade incorporation, along with “assistants” from each trade. The number of assistants allotted to each trade varied; the first four trades (hammermen, tailors, cordiners, and maltmen) had four assistants each, while the other trades had some lesser number. In 1771, the trades with fewer representatives moved to give themselves equal representation. The first four trades applied for a suspension of the proceedings, and later raised a process of reduction, on the ground that members of the trades house lacked the authority to adjust the number of representatives from each trade.
John Low v. Managers of the Weaver-trade in Brechin 1767 Contracts and Obligations, Trades While pursuer John Low was a weaver in Brechin, the weaver-trade entered into a contract to purchase a large quantity of victual annually from Sir Alexander Ramsay-Irvine of Balmain. The weavers divided the victual among themselves. After Low moved to Dundee, he sought to retain his portion of the victual. The weavers in Brechin refused, and Low brought suit.