Robert Bruce, of Kennet, Lord Kennet
Biographical Notes
Advocate, 15 Jan. 1743. Son of Alexander Bruce of Kennet and Mary Balfour. m. Helen Abercrombie; Sheriff of Stirling, etc. March 1761; Bench 4 July 1764; Court of Justiciary Nov. 1769; Professor of Public Law Edinburgh 1759.
Life Dates
1718 - 1785
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Alexander Spiers and Others v. Thomas Dunlop and Others Minutes Minutes in the Process of Reduction and Declarator at the Instance of Alexander Spiers, and others, Trustees for the Creditors of James Dunlop, late Merchant in Glasgow, eldest Son of the Marriage betwixt the deceased James Dunlop of Garnkirk and Henrietta Maxwell, his Spouse, Pursuers ; against James Ritchie, and others, Trustees appointed by the said James Dunlop of Garnkirk, Defenders 26 Jan 1779 13633

Associated Cases

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Case Role Date
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Aitcheson v. Stalker Lord Ordinary 1777
Alexander Duncan, and Others v. The Magistrates of Aberdeen Lord Ordinary 1786
Alexander Spiers and Others v. Thomas Dunlop and Others Lord Ordinary 1778
Alexander Stewart v. John Isat Lord Ordinary 1775
Buchannans v. Gray and Hall Lord Ordinary 1782
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Creditors of Moncreiffe v. Moncreiffe Lord Ordinary 1777
Dunlop, and Other Trustees of Carlyle and Co v. Spiers and Others Lord Ordinary 1776
Dunlops, and Others v. Spiers, and Others 1778
Elizabeth Wallace v. William Gordon and Others Lord Ordinary 1767
George Ross and Others v. Sir Roderick M'Kenzie and Others Lord Ordinary 1774
James Scott v. John Bruce-Stewart Lord Ordinary 1779
Jamieson v. Kyle Lord Ordinary 1778
Jardine v. Creech, &c Lord Ordinary 1776
Jesson v. Gray, Rector of the School of Coupar Lord Ordinary 1779
M'Lehose and Others v. Parks Lord Ordinary 1775
Macindoe v. Cowley, Wallace, Crawford, and French Lord Ordinary 1780
Maxwell v. Blair and Others Lord Ordinary 1774
Maxwell v. M'Arthur Lord Ordinary 1775
Messrs Mansfield, Hunter, and Company, and Others, creditors of John Nisbet of Northfield v. Thomas Cairns Lord Ordinary 1771
Mrs Anne Nielson, &c v. Austins Lord Ordinary 1767
Mrs Jean Hall v. Creditors of Robert Hall Lord Ordinary 1784
Mure v. Clark Lord Ordinary 1782