When Friskin's father died, Robert Givan, Friskin’s relative on his mother’s side, took the management of Mr. Friskin’s affairs and properties. Then, Henry Swan was nominated curator bonis. After many years, Mr. Jaffray, his sisters and others brought this action to be appointed Mr. Friskin’s tutor at law stating that they were the nearest relations of Friskin's father. Defenders opposed Mr. Jaffray’s petition and supported the appointment of Mr. Swan.


Session Papers


Unto the right honorable the Lords of Council and Session the Petition of John Jaffray residing at Ayton Westfield, nearest maleagnate of John Friskin, formerly Portioner of Hutton, now Tenant in Bankhead;

25 Feb 1802

Answer for Robert Givan, late Farmer at Highrigghall, now at Ednam, in the Estate of New York, North America; and Robert Nichol, Merchant in Kelso, his attorney; Agnes Scott, Daughter and only child of the Marriage between the deceased Betty Givan and Thomas Scott, Merchant in Alnwick, and her said Father as her Administrator-in-law; William, Robert, Betty, and May Dicksons, Children of the Marriage between the deceased Mary or May Givan, and the also deceased George Dickson, Tenant in Howlwas; Jean Givan, wife of the Reverend Mr John Marshall, Minister at Alnwick, and her said Husband, for his interest; Elizabeth and George Cunninghams, Children of the Marriage between the deceased Christian Givan, and the also deceased George Cunningham, Merchant in Alnwick; which Robert, Betty, Mary, Jean, and Christian Givans, are the Maternal Uncle and Aunts of John Frisken, late Tenant in Pentronan, now in Bankhead, in the Parish of Linton, and County of Roxburgh, and Disponees under a Deed of Settlement executed by him in their favour: And also for: Thomas Kerr, Esq; of Broadmeadows; William Dawson, Esq; of Graden; James Thomson in Little Swinton; and the said Robert Nichol, relations of the said John Frisken; the respondent, Mr Kerr, being a relation to him on the Father's side: And for Henry swan, factor for the Honurable George Baillie of Jerviswood, and Writer in Kelso, Curator bonis to the said John Frisken: to the petition of John Jaffray, residing at Ayton-Westfield, designing himself nearest Male-Agnate of the said John Frisken

4 Mar 1802

Replies for John Jaffray, residing at Ayton, Westfield, nearest Male-Agnate of John Frinfkin, formerly portioner of, now Tenant of Bankhead, and Jean and Agnes Jaffrays his sisters- German, and George Ford at Sunny-side, and Elizabeth and Margaret Fords his sisters-German, being all in the same degree of propinquity to the said John Frifkin, and his only kindred on the father's side; To the Answers for Robert Givan, late farmer at Highrigghall, now at Ednam, in the State of New York, North America, and others

8 Mar 1802

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