Alexander Fraser, Lord Strichen
Biographical Notes
Advocate, 27 June 1722. Raised to the bench as Lord Strichen, 5 June 1730. Married Ann Campbell, 19 September 1731, daughter of Archibald, 1st Duke of Argyll.
Life Dates
1679 - 1776
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Alexander Mudie v. John Ouchterlony State of the Process

State of the Process, Alexander Mudie, Writer in Aberbrothock, against John, Alexander, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Anne Ouchterlonies, Children of the deceased Alexander Ouchterlony, late Provost of Aberbrothock, John Johnston of Cairnton, Husband to the said Margaret, and David Webster, Merchant in Aberbrothock, Husband to the said Elizabeth, and the Tutors and Curators of such of the said Children as are Minors, if they any have, for their Interests, as representing the said deceased Alexander Ouchterlony upon one or other of the passive Titles known in Law

13 Jan 1767 10972

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