Alexander Boswell, Lord Auchinleck
Lord Auchinleck
Biographical Notes
Advocate, 26 December 1729. Son of James Boswell of Auchinleck, advocate and Elizabeth Bruce; m. Euphemia Erskine and Elizabeth Boswell. Sheriff of Wigtown 1748-50; Bench 1754-82; Court of Justiciary 1755-80. Father of James Boswell, biographer.
Life Dates
1707 - 1782

Associated Cases

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Case Role Date
Agnes Watson v. Mary Rae Lord Ordinary 1773
Agnes Watson, and James Taylor, her Husband v. Agnes Mathie, and James Weir, her Husband Lord Ordinary 1776
Alexander Mudie v. John Ouchterlony Lord Ordinary 1766
Creditors of Moncreiffe v. Moncreiffe Named in case documents 1777
Dame Robina Pollock, Spouse to Sir Hugh Crawford, and Sir Hugh, for his Interest v. Mary Porterfield, Widow of John Lockhart of Lee Lord Ordinary 1779
Donald Campbell v. David Campbell Lord Ordinary 1776
Earl of Rothes v. Shepherd Lord Ordinary 1767
Earl of Strathmore v. Captain George Oliphant-Kinloch Lord Ordinary 1767
Elliot v. M'Kay Lord Ordinary 1777
Erskine v. Hay-Balfour Lord Ordinary 1767
George Trail v. Thomas Lyell Named in case documents 1766
Hamilton v. Hamilton's Creditors Reporter 1778
Janet Robertson v. James Allan, Messenger in Perth Lord Ordinary 1777
Kemloe v. Dun, Reid, and Company Lord Ordinary 1767
Maxwell v. Maxwell Lord Ordinary 1767
Orr v. Paterson, and Others Lord Ordinary 1773
Robert McNair v. James Coulter Reporter 1772
Somerville v. Wilson Lord Ordinary 1767
Stewart v. Carrick Lord Ordinary 1774
The Governors of the Hospital founded within the City of Edinburgh by George Herriot v. Walter Fergusson, Writer in Edinburgh Lord Ordinary 1773
The Magistrates, Town-Council, and Community of Dumbarton v. The Magistrates and Town-Council of the City of Glasgow Reporter 1771
Thomas Stoddart v. M'Quan, Beck, and Company Lord Ordinary 1779
Walter Colquhoun v. Duke of Argyle Lord Ordinary 1767
William Cuningham and Company v. Gilbert Lang Lord Ordinary 1776

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