SCOS Project Partners

SCOS is a multi-institutional collaborative research initiative into Early America and the British Atlantic World. We are delighted to recognize the generosity, collaborative spirit, and resources of several individuals and institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)

BAILII permitted the project team to scrape reported Court of Session cases from its database. The BAILII data was crucial in enabling the SCOS team to identify and reassemble many cases in the UVA Law Library's collection. Special thanks to:

  • Joe Ury - BAILII Executive Director

Centre for Research Collections (CRC), University of Edinburgh

The respective project teams at the CRC and the UVA Law Library have been working together since September 2017 to advance the broader transatlantic effort to digitize and interpret Session Papers. As part of this collaboration, the CRC generously agreed to host the digital copies of the UVA Law Library's Session Papers on its Luna Server. Special thanks to:

  • Rachel Hosker - Deputy Head of Special Collections and Archives Manager
  • Norman Rodger - Digitization and Projects Manager
  • Scott Renton - Systems Developer
  • Mike Bennett - Digital Scholarship Analyst Developer

Library of Congress

The Law Library at the Library of Congress granted the SCOS team permission to digitize six of its Session Papers volumes for inclusion in the project. Special thanks to:

  • Janice Hyde, Assistant Law Librarian for Collections
  • Nathan Dorn, Curator of Rare Books

National Galleries of Scotland

The National Galleries of Scotland hold a remarkable collection of Scottish and international art. The galleries include the Scottish National Gallery, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. The galleries have digitized a great deal of their respective collections and made them available online for non-commercial use. Much of the artwork featured on SCOS's Curated Themes page comes from the National Galleries of Scotland.  

National Records of Scotland (NRS)

The NRS allowed the SCOS project team to examine two digitized copies of the Court of Session Minute Books, which tracked litigation as it moved through the court system. For permission to explore these volumes we thank:

  • Tessa Spencer - Head of Learning at the National Records of Scotland

The Gazetteer for Scotland

The editors of the Gazetteer for Scotland granted the SCOS team permission to scrape geo-location data from their interactive website. This data serves as the foundation of SCOS's geographic metadata. Special thanks to:

  • Bruce M. Gittings BSc MSc FRSGS FSA Scot - Editor, The Gazetteer for Scotland

William Nelson Cromwell Foundation

The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation supplied the SCOS team with a generous research grant in October 2018 to conduct Session Papers research in Edinburgh libraries and hold strategy meetings with our Edinburgh partners. The research enabled the SCOS team to identify Court of Session cases centered on early Americans and people circulating in the British Atlantic world. Special thanks to the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and in particular to:

  • John D. Gordan, III - Secretary

Consortium Partners

SCOS is part of a larger transatlantic collaborative effort to develop new technologies and advance scholarly inquiry through the digitization, description, and public presentation of Session Papers. The Centre for Research Collections at the University of Edinburgh is the lead UK partner in this initiative and SCOS serves as the primary US partner. We are pleased to participate in this wider joint effort with the following collaborators:

Centre for Research Collections, University of Edinburgh

  • Daryl Green - Head of Special Collections, Deputy Head of the Centre for Research Collections
  • Kirsty Lingstadt - Head of Digital Library & Deputy Head of Library and University Collections
  • Michael Bennett - Library Digital Scholarship Developer
  • Rachel Hosker - Deputy Head of Special Collection and Archives Manager 
  • Alasdair MacDonald - Metadata Co-ordinator
  • Norman Rodger - Digitization and Projects Manager
  • Scott Renton - Systems Developer
  • Ianthe Sutherland - Development & Systems Manager
  • Elise Ramsey - Project Archivist 

The Faculty of Advocates Library

The SCOS team wishes to thank the Faculty of Advocates Library for its permission to research in its Session Papers collection and for granting our request to publish a digital copy of Charles Martin Hardie's, Parliament House in the time of Sir Walter Scott (1893). 

  • Mungo Bovey QC - Keeper of the Library
  • Sara Berry - Senior Librarian
  • Kirsty Campbell - Librarian
  • Louise Moyes - Assistant Librarian: General Services 

Society of the Writers to the Signet Library

The SCOS team wishes to thank the Signet Library for permission to research in its Session Papers collection and its collaborative support.

  • James Hamilton - Research Principal 


Past Contributors

The team wishes to thank past contributors to SCOS.

  • Dr. Joseph Marshall, Ph.D. - Former Head of Special Collections and the Centre for Research Collections