Title Type Notes Citation
22nd (Cheshire) Regiment of Foot Government Body Raised by the Duke of Norfolk in 1689. The National Archives, Kew
3rd Regiment of Foot-Guards (Scots Guards) Government Body Raised by Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll, in 1642. The National Archives, Kew
Alexander Cuninghame and Company Company Alexander Cuninghame and Company was a Glasgow-based tobacco trading partnership formed in May 1770 by Alexander Houston, Robert Bogle, James Dougal, William Cuninghame, and Alexander Cuninghame. It operated company stores in colonial Maryland.
Anderson and Lothian Partnership
Andrew St. Clair and Company Company
Armstrong & Son Partnership
Bank of England Company Nationalized in 1946. The National Archives, Kew
Bank of Scotland Company Archives Hub
Barons of Exchequer Government Body
Bartlet, Campbell & Co. Company William Bartlet died 1778; Dissolved March 1779. Archives Hub
Berard, Freres et Co. Trade Association
Board of Trustees for Improving Fisheries and Manufactures in Scotland Government Body
British Fishery Society Trade Association Established to promote the fishing trade by undertaking public works, especially in the Scottish Highlands and islands.
Brown Zuill and Company Company
Brown, Carrick, and Company Company Manufacturer of lawns and linen goods.
Buchanan, Morison, and Company Company Active in the 1770s, in Glasgow and Greenock: George Buchanan, John and William Duguids in Glasgow, the others in Greenock.
Buchanans, Hastie, and Company Partnership
Campbell, Connell, and Co. Company Likely conducted trade in the West Indies.
Carron Company Company
Chalmers, Leslie and Seton Partnership
Charitable Corporation for the relief of the Industrious Poor
Charles Addison and Sons Partnership Owners of the Leviathan, the whaler at issue in this case
Christopher Armstrong & Son Company
Cliff, Walpole, & Clarke Company
Cochrane, Murdoch & Co. Company Founded in 1722 as Andrew Cochrane & Co., then Cochrane, Murdoch & Co. before merging with Cunninghame, Stewart & Co.
Commissary Court of Hamilton and Campsie Government Body Had jurisdiction over scattered parishes and lands in Dumbartonshire, Stirlingshire, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire.
Company of Proprietors of the Forth and Clyde Navigation Partnership
Court of Chancery Government Body Held jurisdiction over all matters of equity in England and Wales. The National Archives, Kew
Court of the King's Bench Government Body A court of Common Law. In 1873 it was merged with the Courts of Common Pleas, Exchequer, and Chancery, creating the High Court of Justice. The National Archives, Kew
Court of the Lord Lyon Government Body Regulates heraldry and the conduct of messengers-at-arms in Scotland. Headed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.
Cunninghame Findlay and Company Partnership Began as Alexander Cuningham and Company. After Alexander Cuninghame died in 1772, William Cuninghame became managing partner and Robert Findlay joined the partnership. In 1780 it became Robert Findlay & Co.
Dinwiddie, Crawford, and Company Company Property confiscated in 1779.
Donald Smith and Company Company
Douglas, Heron, and Company Partnership Failed spectacularly on June 25, 1772, bankrupting many notable Scottish families. Archives Hub
Dunlop and Ralston Company Virginia merchants. Became insolvent and one of the partners left for the East Indies.
Dunlop, Houston, & Co. (The Ship Bank) Company Merged with the Glasgow Banking Company in 1836, creating the Glasgow and Ship Bank. Archives Hub
East India Company Company
Edinburgh Evening Courant Company The last issue was published December 15, 1871. WorldCat
Ellis Martin and Co.
Elsrickle Birly Court Government Body Regulated minor neighborhood disputes. It frequently met at the town smithy before moving to the public house.
Fisher and Bannatyne Partnership Glasgow merchants.
Fordyce, Grant, and Company Partnership
Francis Garbet and Company Company
George Hoar and Company Company
George Oswald and Company Company
George Robertson and James Hunter, Merchants in Greenock Partnership
Gibson and Balfour Partnership
Glasgow Commissary Court Government Body Ecclesiastical court exercising local jurisdiction over consistorial cases. National Records of Scotland
Governor and Company of Undertakers for raising Thames Water in York Buildings Company