Case Glossary

The Session Papers at the heart of SCOS are held by the University of Virginia Law Library and the Law Library of Congress. The UVA Law Library holds 58-linear feet of Session Papers preserved in archival boxes. Originally bound together in an unknown number of volumes, the majority of the Session Papers in the UVA Law Library's collection were disbound prior to their acquisition in the mid-1980s. Only a few volumes with their original bindings remain reasonably intact. By contrast, the Session Papers in the Law Library of Congress's collection remain bound together.

Advocates, lawyers, and even litigants filed printed Session Papers with the court as a lawsuit moved through the court system. Cases might consist of a single, short petition of just a few pages or include multiple Session Papers submitted over several years amounting to several hundred pages. Over time the lawyers, judges, and other parties who accumulated Session Papers in a particular case had them bound into a volume along with documents from other litigation. Many of these volumes survive intact in British and American libraries. Other Session Papers, like those in the UVA Law Library's collection, were largely separated into individual cases. 

The case glossary presents each case as a distinct intellectual unit. It reflects the UVA collection's disbound nature and it provides convenient access to the documents associated with specific litigation. See "Session Papers and the British Atlantic World" for more information on court procedure and the production of Session Papers or "Session Papers by Repository" for a more detailed description of the collections in SCOS.  

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Alexander v. Beaumont (1774)
Alexander Irvine of Drum v. The Earl of Aberdeen, &c (1776)
Alexander v. Montgomery (1772)
Aitken v. Orr (1802)
Allan v. Stewart (1773)
Alexander Gordon of Culvenan, and Jean Macculloch, Elder Daughter of John Macculloch, Elder of Barholm v. James Dewar of Vogrie, John Macculloch Elder, and John Macculloch Younger, of Barholm (1771)
Andrew Ross and Others v. John Glasford and Company (1771)
Alexander, Duke of Gordon, v. The Commissioners for Managing the Forfeited Estates annexed to the Crown (1771)
Andrew v. Murdoch (1806)
Alexander Mudie v. John Ouchterlony (1766)
Agnes Watson v. Mary Rae (1773)
Alexander Stewart v. John Isat (1775)
Agnes Watson, and James Taylor, her Husband v. Agnes Mathie, and James Weir, her Husband (1776)
Archibald Douglas of Douglas v. Douglas, Duke of Hamilton (1779)
Alexander Spiers and Others v. Thomas Dunlop and Others (1778)
Alexander Melvil v. James Barclay (1779)
Alexander Fergusson, and Others v. The Magistrates of Glasgow (1786)
Alexander Duncan, and Others v. The Magistrates of Aberdeen (1786)
Abraham Delvalle, and Others v. The Creditors of the York-Buildings Company (1786)
Archibald and James Robertson v. John Laird (1790)
Alexander Milne v. Freeholders of Aberdeenshire (1791)
Alexander Pagan and James Hunter v. Alexander Wylie (1793)
Andrew Wauchope and Others v. The Magistrates of Canongate (1800)
Armstrong and Son, and Others v. Thomas Moffat and Others (1800)
Alexander Kinloch and Others v. James Rocheid (1800)
Alexander Watson v. John Pyot (1801)
Alexander Cuming v. Alexander Macdonald, Esq. (1801)
Alexander Young and others v. Andrew Johnston and others (1767)
Archbishop of York, and Others v. Haldane (1769)
Archibald Craig v. Emilia Brodie (1773)
Arrot v. Coulter (1793)
Archibald Cooper v. Sir William Maxwell (1775)
Alexander Farquharson v. The Governor and Company of Undertakers for raising Thames water in York-buildings (1775)
Aitken and Others v. Wilson and Bannatyne (1780)
Alexanders vs. Gordons (1774)
Andrew v. Murdoch (1803)
Aitcheson v. Stalker (1777)
Anderson v. Izat (1781)
Air v. Johnston (1787)
Alexander v. Lord Monboddo's Interlocutor (1787)
Anderson v. Richardson (1787)
Alexander Bennet v. David Maxwell (1787)
Anderson v. Creditors of Arnot (1792)
Anstruther-Paterson v. Rutherfurd (1791)
Appendix for Durham (1791)
Archer v. Lord Eskgrove's Interlocutor (1793)
Arbutnott, et al. v. Scott, et al. (1794)
Alves v. Turner (1795)
Allardice, et all v. Allardice (1795)
Allardice v. The Officers of State, and the Ministers of Bervie and St. Andrews (1798)
Archers and Others v. Magistrates of Edinburg (1798)
Ainslie v. Ainslie (1812)
Aitken et al. v. Incorporation of Tailors (1801)
Anderson v. Creditors of Anderson (1813)
Anderson v. Starkey, Fletcher and Co (1813)
Abercromby v. Speirs (1802)
Aitken v. DRR (1802)
Abercromby v. Elphinstone (1803)
Andrew v. Murdoch (1806)
Archibald Fraser v. Fraser (1804)
Armstrong v. Johnstone (1804)
Allan v. Surtees, Burdon, and Embleton (1806)
Anderson v. Couper (1807)
Armstrong v. Hetherton (1806)
Alexander Campbell vs. Ramsay, Hannay, & Others (1808)
Andrew Gleming and Others v. John Gardner and Others (1810)
Auld, Trustee for Cross & Co. v. Stirling (1811)
Anderson and Struthers v. Cunningham (1812)
Alexander Shand v. Patrick Henderson (1814)
Andrew Smith v. William Jeffrey (1817)
Act appointing Interim Town-Clerk of Forfar (1815)
Aeneas Smith v. Clementina and Mary Ogilvies (1825)
Agnew v. Martin and Ferguson (1820)
A. Roger v. Jean Cooper (1823)
A. Wallace v. C. D. Donald (1825)
Aitken Megget v. Thomas Megget (1824)
Alexander Ewing, Buchanan & Co., and Malcolm v. William Lawrie (1826)
Arch. M'Phail v. William Glennie (1829)
Act appointing Interim Managers of burgh of Aberdeen (1818)
Alexander Macgregor v. Mary Black (1818)
A. Duthie and Others v. Paterson and Catley (1822)
Andrew Ormiston v. James Greig (1821)
Archibald Campbell, Esquire, of Blytheswood v. William Dunn and Others, Disponees, and the Trustees of William Harley, Merchant in Glasgow (1823)
A. Allan and Others v. J. Smith and Others (1821)
A. Dingwall v. T. M'Combie and Others (1822)
A. Imlach v. W. Stuart (1822)
A. M'Callum v. W. Robertson (1825)
Andrew Moffat Wellwood of Garvoch v. Moncreiff and Forman, Trustees of the late Robert Wellwood of Garvoch (1823)
A. Crombie v. J. Napier (1824)
Alexander Ewing, Buchanan & Co., and Malcolm v. William Lawrie (1826)
Andrew Moffat Wellwood of Garvoch v. Moncrieff and Forman, Trustees of the late Robert Wellwood of Garvoch (1823)
A. Maccallum v. J. Spears (1827)
Abstract of the Proof, The Registration of Sasines (1768)
Allan, Loudon, and Others v. Houstoun (1794)
Aberdeenshire Trustees v. William Knowles (1811)
Andrew Smith v. Miss Eleanor Allardyce, and her Tutors (1811)
Assignees of Spalding and Rattray v. William Spalding (1812)
Alexander &c. Martin v. John and William Martin (1812)
Alexander Gordon and Others v. William Gordon of Ellon (1811)
Andrew Harvey v. James Mitchell (1783)