This site is in BETA. At present, project team is working in three courses:

Infrastructure and Data Migration

The pilot project for SCOS was originally constructed in Drupal 7. The metadata migration from D7 to D8 is nearly complete. This migration includes all of the rich description, people, organizations, and case <> document relationships.

Metadata Migration
95% Migration

Data migrated from pilot to beta (D7 -> D8).

Digital Content Infrastructure
5% Digital Content

In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, UVA Law is converting is image delivery system to IIIF to leverage the interoperability of this platform for sharing data and metadata between our partners. Image delivery and search index is expected in May 2019.

Digital Images
1% Digital Content

Images available through Edinburgh hosted LUNA and served through IIIF.

Resource Guide and Interpretation

Resource Guide and Interpretation
32% Guides

The beta site will feature interpretive and contextualizing copy that helps patrons explore and understand the research value of the collection. Expected May 2019.

Digitization & Rich Description

40% Digitalization

Raw digitization of UVA Law's Session papers with basic descriptive data. Expected 2020.

Rich Description
32% Description

Rich description of materials, including abstracts, keywords, full-text, agent links, related cases, thematic curation.