When Alexander Wilkie was declared under the bankruptcy process, John Hill was appointed as the trustee for all his creditors. At first, Mr. Wilkie denied to be insolvent, so he refused to comply with the trustee's instructions and asked for a second examination. (It seemed to be the first time that someone refused to obey an order from the Court regarding the bankruptcy act.) After a second examination, the Court granted a reasonable indulgence. However, Wilkie's creditors (Sir William Augustus Cunninghame of Livingstone, Boronet; James Chalmer, Esq. of Abingdon Street, London; Mr. George Wilkie, Merchant in Dundee; and Thomas Martin, writer in Edinburgh), submitted a petition to remove John Hill, the previously appointed Trustee for the bankruptcy process.

Published Reports

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), pg. Bankrupt App. Pt. 1 P. 34