Petition and Complaint entered by Mr. Thomas Beattie regarding his claim to join the roll of Freeholders. Mr. Beattie bought the rights to the lands of Hartsgarth and Langhaugh from Mr. Sharp. He then purchased the superiority of the lands from the Duke of Buccleugh, the superior of the lordship of Liddiesdale and most of the parish of Castleton, original owner of Hartsgarth and Langhaugh.
Mr. Tod, Writer to the Signet, denied admission to the roll of Freeholders on the grounds that Mr. Beattie had not provided adequate proof that the lands of Hartsgarth and Langhaugh lie within the lordship of Liddiesdale, meaning that the Duke of Buccleugh could not sell the superiority to Mr. Beattie.
Mr. Beattie petitions the court to stipulate that the burden of disproving his claim lies with the the Freedholders, or alternatively, to rule that the additional documents provided by Mr. Beattie establish proof.


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