Case Name Container Date
Messrs Peters, Bogle, and Marshall, arresting Creditors of James Dunlop, late Merchant in Glasgow v. Messrs Speirs, Blackburn, and Syme, Trustees of said James Dunlop UVALL Box 02 1770
Mr John Snodgrass, Preacher of the Gospel, George Steel, John Beatson, and Others v. Mr John Logan and Others UVALL Box 02 1772
Alexander Gordon of Culvenan, and Jean Macculloch, Elder Daughter of John Macculloch, Elder of Barholm v. James Dewar of Vogrie, John Macculloch Elder, and John Macculloch Younger, of Barholm UVALL Box 02 1771
Alexander Irvine of Drum v. The Earl of Aberdeen, &c UVALL Box 02 1776
Alexander v. Beaumont UVALL Box 02 1774
Alexander v. Montgomery UVALL Box 02 1772
Alexander, Duke of Gordon, v. The Commissioners for Managing the Forfeited Estates annexed to the Crown UVALL Box 02 1771
Allan v. Stewart UVALL Box 02 1773
Andrew Ross and Others v. John Glasford and Company UVALL Box 02 1771
Boyd Porterfield of Porterfield v. Joanna, Margaret, and Lilias Porterfields UVALL Box 02 1771
Brown v. Maxwell UVALL Box 02 1772
Carron Company v. Forth and Clyde Navigation UVALL Box 02 1772
Clay v. Coulter UVALL Box 02 1770
Clifford and Sons v. Mosman UVALL Box 02 1772
Cowan v. Mac Candlish UVALL Box 02 1770
Donald v. Murdoch UVALL Box 02 1771
Dr William Liechman, Principal of the College of Glasgow, and Others v. Dr Robert Trail, and Others UVALL Box 02 1770
Dr William Park of Langlands, v. Robert Craig in Barkip UVALL Box 02 1771
Dr. John Roebuck, and Samuel Garbet v. William and Andrew Stirling UVALL Box 02 1773
Edmonstone v. Tweedale UVALL Box 02 1772
Elizabeth and Isobel Grays, Daughters of John Gray of Rogart, deceased v. John Wood, and Others, Creditors of said John Gray UVALL Box 02 1773
Findlay v. Graham UVALL Box 02 1773
Forbes v. Home UVALL Box 02 1772
Francis Garbet and Company v. Their Creditors UVALL Box 02 1772
George Allan and Others v. Andrew Crambie and Others UVALL Box 02 1770
Gilbert Moses v. William Craig, Robert M'Lintock, and James Clark, Trustees for the Creditors of John M'Ewan UVALL Box 02 1773
Greenock Rope-Work Company v Donald, Donald, and Company UVALL Box 02 1773
Hately v. Dunlop UVALL Box 02 1771
His Majesty's Advocate v. Lilburn and Buchanan UVALL Box 02 1771
Houston Stewart Nicolson, Esq v. Mrs Stewart Nicolson UVALL Box 02 1770
Innes v. Stuart UVALL Box 02 1771
Jacobina Macfarlane v. Alexander, Richard and Janet Spence UVALL Box 02 1770
James Sinclair v. Robert Anderson and Others UVALL Box 02 1771
Jean Coalston, Pursuer v. Archibald Stewart, Merchant in Queensferry, Defender UVALL Box 02 1770
Jean Telfair v. Dorothea Telfair and Hugh Shaw UVALL Box 02 1771
John Finlay and Trustees v. Robert Finlay and Trustees UVALL Box 02 1772
John Finlay v. Robert Syme Clerk to the Signet UVALL Box 02 1773
John Steven and Company v. John Douglas UVALL Box 02 1774
Jones v. Smith UVALL Box 02 1771
Kempt v. Liddell UVALL Box 02 1771
Ker v. Creditors of Sutherland UVALL Box 02 1772
Maclean v. Maclean UVALL Box 02 1771
Magistrates and Town-Council of the Burgh of Pittenweem v. Robert and William Alexanders, Thomas Martin, and Others UVALL Box 02 1774
Margaret Scruton v. John Gray UVALL Box 02 1772
McHarg v. Dunn UVALL Box 02 1771
Messrs Mansfield, Hunter, and Company, and Others, creditors of John Nisbet of Northfield v. Thomas Cairns UVALL Box 02 1771
More and Irvine v. Gibson UVALL Box 02 1770
Mrs. Julian (Steel) Porterfield v. Boyd Porterfield UVALL Box 02 1770
Murdoch and Miller v. Home and Scott UVALL Box 02 1773
Oswald v. Grant UVALL Box 02 1772